"Make Life Count" (Keynote)

Make Life Count (GED to Ph.D.) is a stimulating account of Craig J. Boykin’s inspiring journey from a very challenging upbringing to motivating millions across America. 

"Make Education Count" (Keynote)

It is imperative that teachers make education count for ALL students. Across America, Craig conveys to educators that we must (1) educate ourselves about “cultural poverty.” (2) Help students and colleagues unlearn misperceptions about poverty. (3) Continue reaching out to low-income families even when they appear unresponsive (and without assuming, if they are unresponsive, that we know why). (4) Respond when colleagues stereotype poor students or parents. (5) Fight to keep low-income students from being assigned unjustly to special education or low academic tracks. (6) Make curriculum relevant to poor students, drawing on and validating their experiences and intelligences. Most important, we must consider how our own class biases affect our interactions with and expectations of our students.           

Overcoming Cultural Poverty, Disengaged Parents, and Apathetic Students.

Professional Development 

Take an unconventional look at student motivation and poverty from the eyes of an individual who struggled with education and eventually dropped out. It’s clear that students from poverty are habitually at a disadvantage when it comes to education, and educators can find it challenging to motivate such students to become positively engaged in learning. In this interactive session, participants will receive dozens of real, practical, eye-opening prevention and intervention strategies from someone whose mother abused drugs, father wasn’t present, and he was placed in special education. Craig ultimately repeated 3rd & 5th grade and eventually dropped out. Craig shows you how the motivate the unmotivated students you teach daily. Craig’s trademark slogan is “GED to PHD”, which is a concrete paradigm that educators should never give up on any student. Regardless of how impoverished they may seem. 

Services II


Youth Presentation 

This is a motivational session for youth who may need a little extra motivation. This workshop is intended to inspire youth to #RISEABOVE their current situations and circumstances and achieve desired greatness.

Teamwork Makes Your Dreams Work

Graduation Speech 

What is your mindset about success?, What are your goals in life?, Your words have power, Your attitude will determine your altitude, Surround yourself with those on the same mission as you, Education is the solution, it doesn’t matter what your problems are.  Are you able to adapt to life, Your good character is the most important asset you have!

Make College Count


Learn strategies and the best practices of how to become a successful college student from the perspective of a former high school dropout.