"Make Life Count" (Keynote)

Make Life Count (GED to Ph.D.) is a stimulating account of Craig J. Boykin’s inspiring journey from a very challenging upbringing to motivating millions across America. Leaders across America struggle with the role of leading at-risk students and their teachers.

"Make Education Count" (Keynote)

It is imperative that teachers make education count for ALL students. Across America, Craig expresses to educators that if they were working in a factory dealing with widgets, it would cost the company about $.30 cent to fix one if they damaged it. However, in education, we're not dealing with widgets, we are dealing with REAL lives. If we fail to educate these kids, in many cases, they are pushed out into society and funneled into the prison system or worse, end up dead. It is important that educators do their best to reach each student, regardless of their situation and/or circumstances. In this keynote speech Craig exposes educators to his challenges as an at-risk youth, and gives them techniques and ideas on how to deal with these students in various ways.

Right Motives, Wrong Methods

Professional Development 

Learn how to help at-risk students succeed in your classroom. It’s clear that students from poverty are habitually at a disadvantage when it comes to education, and educators can find it challenging to motivate such students become positively engaged in their own learning. Above all, Craig J. Boykin advises educators to avoid giving up on “difficult” students by deciding that certain students “can’t be taught.” Craig’s father abandon him at birth, his mother started using drugs when he was in the 3rd grade. In 3rd grade Craig was held back, placed in special education and diagnosed with a learning disability. Craig also repeated the fifth grade and dropped out in high school. In the workshop you will learn how the motivate the unmotivated Craig’s you teach daily. Today Craig is known for GED to PHD, and credits two very inspiring educators who made him desire more!

Services II


Youth Presentation 

This is a motivational session for youth who may need a little extra motivation. This workshop is intended to inspire youth to #RISEABOVE their current situations and circumstances and achieve desired greatness.

Teamwork Makes Your Dreams Work

Graduation Speech 

What is your mindset about success?, What are your goals in life?, Your words have power, Your attitude will determine your altitude, Surround yourself with those on the same mission as you, Education is the solution, it doesn’t matter what your problems are.  Are you able to adapt to life, Your good character is the most important asset you have!

Make College Count


Learn strategies and the best practices of how to become a successful college student from the perspective of a former high school dropout.