Principal Kafele


He's a bad man! #bam

Professional Speaker 

Abby Stevens


He's one of my favorite speakers of all time!

Assistant Principal at Capital High School

Nikki Miller


Craig spoke to our students and provided a Professional Development for our Faculty/Staff at the Heights. I had several teachers in tears afterwards telling me how they could see many of our students as you spoke and began to question themselves as to whether or not they did all they could do to help them. It was such an eye opening experience for us all! We are forever grateful and thankful for you and your message.

Drika Gadson


Craig is a speaker all educators must hear. I just started and finished reading his book today. I have heard many speak about education but this man is the truth. I have not stop quoting him yet!! I can't wait for my school to ask me for an overview of my conference experience all my praises go to Craig J. Boykin. 

Math Instructor at Lakewood High School

Leigh Angelia Matthews


This was the perfect ending to our four days of learning together. His passion for children and education is contagious. I am more energized than ever to serve children and support teachers. The Lord dropped that mantra in my heart. It truly encapsulates my purpose and desire.

Birmingham, Alabama (Principal)

Henry Kennedy


As a veteran teacher I don't look forward to Professional Development. It is normally something you have done with a different name. Craig is one of the most engaging speakers I have had the pleasure to see. He takes a troubling problem in society and adds some humor and real life experience. He also has a keen insight to education due to the fact his wife is an educator.

Coach HK


Amanda Haynes


I have told anyone who will listen about how incredible your story is. I have also lent my copy to people so they could see a different perspective of their role as educators. Thank you for being a speaker who is honest, makes us laugh and cry! I hold your speech as one of the highlights of my teaching careers and I will take the wisdom you imparted with me always. 

Cheryl L. Brown


OMG!!!!!! I have never experienced a Conference or Professional Development speaker that was so empowering and transparent. Craig J. Boykin is one of the GREATEST presenters ever. There was NEVER a dull moment during his presentation. He will take you to CHURCH!!!!! Thank you for being real and caring about Parents, Students, Teachers and Education 

Mike Jackson


A highly recommend speaker that makes a geniue connection with the youth and the educators alike. Craig J. Boykin has overcame obstacles that gives him a relavent voice to effectively address the education woes that plague our nation.

Dr. Eric Kirkman


Such a POWERFUL day of learning..... First Kafele, now Boykin! Whew! My practice is changing for the better! 

Verdell Billingsley


If you have an opportunity to listen to Craig J. Boykin speak, go do it. Reminded me why I got into education. Thank You 

Kelvin Wymbs


One of the strongest but student centered presentations I have witnessed. You bring to the table something for everyone but most importantly you remind us that it is our duty to educate children, all children!


Justin Smith


Craig is in a few words an amazing speaker that gets what is going on inside the lives of our students and professionals in the school setting. He came to our campus last year and completely changed the atmosphere within a matter of minutes. If you want to make an impact at your campus, call Craig J. Boykin. #wallbreaker 

Shari Nicole


I look at teaching from an entire different perspective since I've witnessed this incredible presentation from Mr. Craig Boykin! He truly inspired me to become a better educator, but most importantly a better ME! At the beginning of the semester, I take time out time to learn my students and I try to gain a sense of their background. Mr. Boykin speeches will empower you to conquer and revamp the educational world one student at a time. His presentation was sooo good that I had to have a double dose in the same day! I don't think it was a dry eye in the place!

Dovie Burl


This Brother, Craig J. Boykin is so amazing! His story will blow you away "From GED to PhD! Whew! He wrote and tells his OWN story! Educators I Highly recommend him for your Professional Development!

April Kristen


I had the opportunity to hear Craig J. Boykin speak at the Title I conference this year. I sat and listened to his story and my heart was instantly changed. He spoke of teachers that made a difference in his life and of those that didn't believe in him. He made a statement that I will never forget....."You don't have the right to give up on any student." He explained that kids don't build walls to keep us (teachers) out, they build them to see which of us are going to stick around to break them down. His message resonated in me. I came home and decided I was going to be a WALL BREAKER! After getting home, I began following Craig on Instagram and Facebook. I came home one day and my heart was heavy for our school and kids. For me personally, everything I was doing just wasn't working for my kids. I sat down and the first thing I see a post from Craig Boykin on Instagram. I think God works in different ways. I believe it was meant for me to see that post on that day. Within a week....he was scheduled to be at a Valley View! Today was an answered prayer! We were blessed to not only have Craig speak to our faculty but he got to meet with our kids as well! I saw things happen in our little school today and I know hearts were forever changed! Craig Boykin you are amazing! You are my hero! Thank you for an amazing day!

Todd Ray


I have to say that I was so rejuvenated by Mr. Boykin's visit...his inspiring words, relatable attitude, and stories of hope and success reignited a fire down in my heart that I feared had diminished in recent years. He truly reminded me of why I do what I do, and that our kids need and deserve our very best efforts. Thank you, Mrs. April, for getting this visit together and for getting us all behind this wonderful man and his encouraging message!!